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Natacha Van Honacker – Top attitude facts, Bio, Eden Hazard

Since high school, Natacha Van Honacker has been the woman who has captivated the Real Madrid ace. Hazard married his high school girlfriend when he was only 14 years old. Eden and Natacha met at a friend’s get-together, and Eden fell in love at first sight, but Natacha didn’t notice him at first.

Hazard, on the other hand, affection with her quiet character and the two began dating soon after. Hazard received an enticing offer from Lille in 2005, and he needed to relocate to France, but he was previously involved in a solemn bond with Natacha Van Honacker at the time.

She couldn’t move in with her lover, who went on to become a celebrity, straight away because she was still a student, but she relocated to France to live with him shortly after graduating from college. Hazard and Natacha, on the other hand, married in April 2012, just before the Belgian moved to Chelsea in the Premier League.

They tied the bump in a simple ceremony with only a few close friends and family members in attendance. Natacha Van Honacker, Eden Hazard’s wife, was able to complete her degree despite becoming a mother when she was still young. The marriage was quiet and comfortable, while only friends and family members invited.

She is completely dedicated to her husband and children, providing them with a safe and healthy place under which to live. Eden, as a rising star, has had numerous opportunities to take advantage of his celebrity and love the game, but he prefers to spend precious time with his family and his stunning and fantastic wife Natacha. Natacha is a lovely young lady she prefers to shut it down.

Natacha Van Honacker – Biography

Natacha Van Honacker was born in Belgium on March 7th, 1992. The beauty, like her husband, is Belgian, having been born and raised in a Western European country. Eden’s wife’s personal life is kept under wraps; thus, nothing is known about it. Natacha, unlike her famous husband, prefers to stay out of the limelight unless she’s cheering on the former Chelsea player.

Natacha was reported to be a natural athlete. Throughout her scholastic years, she was a big fan of badminton. In Belgium, she had a wonderful upbringing as well. Her father was a teacher, and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. She was shown to have two younger sisters as siblings. Natacha attended Atheneum Royal La Louviere for her education and Vrije University for her higher education.

They were an excellent match and complemented each other in numerous ways. Natacha has been quiet and reclusive her entire life. They were quite close and spent countless hours together. When Eden was 19 years old, Natacha became pregnant. The conditions were still not good. Both of them seem to be initially terrified and unsure of what to do.

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Natacha Van Honacker

Eden’s talent was becoming recognized, and Natacha was concerned about becoming a young mother. She was concerned about the future as well. On balance, they were young, and naught in the future was certain. Natacha van Honacker has a fascinating background. Eden was under contract with ‘Lille’ for three years at the time.

When they had their first kid, the couple was not married. Yannis, the couple’s first child, was born on December 19, 2010. It was the couple’s happiest moment ever. Only two years after Yannis’ birth, the quality of decision must have been the best moment to settle down and marry.

Yannis is a Hellene name “God is generous” in English. One thing was certain: the baby drew them closer together and strengthened their bond more than continually.

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A life biography of Natacha Van Honacker and Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard was the focus of just a competitive bidding war in 2012. In only one season, He was successful in achieving his 21 goals for ‘Lille’ in France, proving to be an exceptional player. Natacha has always been a strong supporter of her spouse. She was a Chelsea supporter who attended the matches and cheered on Eden.

They were also seen holding hands or holding their children in several tournaments and other competitions. Natacha has always been a fan of Eden Hazard, which is an amazing fact about Eden Hazard’s wife Natacha Van Honacker. It’s comforting to learn that Natacha and Eden are a perfect fit.

She also high connection time with friends and family and connecting with Mother Earth. Natacha is a gorgeous brunette. She appears to be tall in her photographs. Natacha Van Honacker’s physical measurement is unfortunately unknown. She appears to Ensure that her skin is well-cared and figure, however. She isn’t averse to wearing plain clothes, but she does have a sense of fashion.

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Eden tied the knot with his fiancée simultaneously time he began his illustrious Chelsea career. The marriage union was only witnessed by the couple’s closest friends and family. Natacha is renowned for being a camera-shy individual who tries to keep a low profile. As a result, few wedding photos have been made public. Natacha isn’t on any social networking site at all.

Eden’s strongest supporter

Natacha’s personality is unknown; however, she is Eden Hazard’s biggest supporter. She is even claimed to be a big fan of the footballer, cheering him on during games. Natacha, one on each side, dislikes the camera because of her introverted and quiet personality. Despite this, the beauty has been photographed numerous times on the pitch with her children.

Children Eden Hazard and Natacha Van Honacker

Yannis was born on December 19, 2010, and he is their first child. Natacha welcomed her second child, Leo, in February 2013. In September 2015, they had their third child, Sammy. They couldn’t stop smiling. Natacha Van Honacker has three children, Yannis, Leo, and Samy. Natacha places a high value on their education and upbringing. As a result, she makes every effort to keep her family and herself safe.

Natacha wishes to raise her children in the capital of the United Kingdom. She also wants Eden to be a role model for her children. She, on either hand, believes that their kids should be allowed to select their vocations. Despite her busy schedule, Natacha makes time to travel with her family. New York is her favorite vacation spot.

She was once seen spending valuable time with her loved ones at Paris’s ‘Disneyland.’ Natacha adores preparing meals. She enjoys experimenting with new meals for her kids. She creates delectable pizzas with her ingredients. She is a big fan of sizzlers. Natacha enjoys reading as well.


Natacha Van Honacker net worth

Natacha Van Honacker’s pay is unknown because, according to our sources, she is a homemaker who is not worked somewhere outside of particular. Natacha Van Honacker’s net worth has not been confirmed by any sources. Based on her husband’s net worth, there are assumptions regarding her wealth.

Her husband’s net worth is estimated to cross €100 million by 2020, making him Real Madrid’s most valuable player. This is a genuinely astounding fact. He’s a superb catch, which is a fantastic fact about Eden Hazard’s wife, Natacha Van Honacker.


Time Salary (€)
Second 0.61
Minutes 36.43
Hour 2186
Day 52459
Week 390244
Month 1600000



What is Natacha Van Honacker’s profession and how long has she been doing it?

Natacha Van Honacker is a Dutch model and actress. She was born on September 20, 1990. She has been modeling since she was 16 years old. Her first major campaign was for Calvin Klein Jeans in 2009. Natacha’s most recent project is the film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Why should people hire Natacha Van Honacker for their next project, and why do they care about her opinion on the matter?

Natacha Van Honacker is a digital marketing consultant who has worked with educators and educational institutions for the last 10 years. She’s been an advocate of online learning since before it was popular, and she’s seen firsthand how online education has transformed the way people learn. Now, Natacha wants to help other educators get on board by sharing her expertise with them through consulting work. Educators should hire Natacha because she shares their values and will be able to help them reach their goals – like improving student engagement or boosting test scores.


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